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Accredited by The Joint Commission  

You've seen the Gold Seal of Approval®, but what does it mean?

What is The Joint Commission?
The Joint Commission is an independent, non-profit organization that evaluates health care organizations based on their high standards, only accrediting those who meet these rigorous requirements and provide the highest quality care.  Click here to visit The Joint Commission's website and learn more.

What standards do The Joint Commission set?
The Joint Commission's standards cover all aspects of health care - from medical expertise and patient environment, to the selection of physicians and the strength of the organization's leadership - always focusing on the patient and the delivery of care.  Such standards extend company-wide, ensuring that high-quality care is delivered at the best value to you, the patient.  To become an accredited organization, all standards must be met or exceeded.  Through a series of site visits, reviews and examinations, MASH Urgent Care became accredited.

Are all MASH Urgent Care locations accredited?
Yes, all 7 MASH Urgent Care locations were evaluated and accredited.

Can an organization pay to be accredited?
No, an organization cannot pay for the right to become accredited by The Joint Commission.  Only organizations who have met or exceeded their standards and have been fully reviewed can earn the right to say they are Joint Commission-accredited.  To put it this way, since the Joint Commission was founded in 1951, only about 20,500 health care organizations have been accredited - a small percentage when you think about a 60-year span! 

Now that MASH has been accredited, can they let their standard of care slip?
No.  Even though MASH has proven itself and the care it provides to The Joint Commission, they will be continually monitoring the entire organization to ensure we do not relax our standards.  They'll even pay surprise visits, just to double check!  Even without these unannounced visits, MASH will always deliver the high-quality care our patients have come to expect.

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