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Facts To Know About the MERS Virus

Curious about the MERS virus that keeps leading news reports?

MERS-CoV stands for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus.  It's a sneaky virus that originates in the Middle East, but the first 2 cases were confirmed in the United States, and a possible third is being investigated.  It spreads through close contact with another human being.

Symptoms are fever, difficulty breathing and evidence of pneumonia.  Any person with recent travel to the Middle East 14 days before symptom onset, or in close contact with a symptomatic traveler should report to their health care provider, MASH Urgent Care or an Emergency Room for evaluation.

Suspected cases must be reported to the Erie County Department of Health Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Program at (716) 858-7697 during business hours and (716) 961-7898 after hours.

For more information, please visit the CDC website,

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